The first BRIDGE workshop was organized by FORTH on 9-10 November 2023.

Four seminars/presentations were given by the leading partners during this workshop.

  1. “Hidden in breath: exhaled biomarkers of health and disease” by Dr Jonathan Beauchamp (FHG)
  2. “Halide perovskite and perovskite-related nanocrystals: Synthesis, optical properties, heterostructures” by Liberato Manna (IIT)
  3. “Quality assurance in breath-based diagnostics: instrument cross-platform performance assessments” by Y Lan Pham (FHG)
  4. “ZnCl2 mediated synthesis of InAs nanocrystals with aminoarsine” by Dr Luca De Trizio (IIT)

Collaborators from FORTH, University of Crete and Hellenic Mediterranean University also presented their research activities:

  1. “Robust room-temperature spin-valley polarization in graphite-filtered WS2 monolayers” by Prof George Kioseoglou (FORTH- University of Crete)
  2. “Two-dimensional based energy harvesting devices” by Prof Emmanuel Kymakis (HMU)
  3. “Materials for efficient energy storage: The chemical growth approach” by Prof Dimitra Vernardou (HMU)
  4. “Advanced functional materials for energy and environmental applications” by Dr Vassilios Binas (FORTH)
  5. “Computer-aided materials design for environment and energy applications” by Prof Ioannis Remediakis (University of Crete)
  6. “Total scattering solutions for nanoscale matter”, by Dr Alexandros Lappas (FORTH)
  7. “Designing metal halide perovskites for energy storage and sensing applications” by Dr Athanasia Kostopoulou (FORTH, co PI of BRIDGE)